APTERS Fundraiser

Appropriate Paper Technology (APTERS) Zambia Fundraiser


Appropriate Paper Technology (APTERS) Zambia Fundraiser seeks your support by purchasing one of the beautiful handmade laptop covers or donations to support the APTERS organization.

Could cardboard, flour, and paper form the foundation to support a child with brain injury? Could it be your contribution to enable a child to sit or to stand or even walk?

Appropriate Paper Technology (APTERS) is a non-profit organization run by individuals with disabilities and based in Lusaka, Zambia. This organization was set up in 1990 to produce mobility rehabilitation aids with recycled materials like local newspapers and cardboard to assist physically challenged children with disabilities while empowering physically challenged adults.

The equipment is an essential part of a disabled child’s rehabilitation and treatment program. APTERS makes special chairs, standing frames, and mobility equipment to help the child sit, stand or walk in a position where they can make best use of their limbs. Each item is made to the child’s specific needs and measurements. The equipment gives the child the opportunity to learn and play in supportive position.


These frames are designed to be lightweight, durable, and adjustable, and can be made from biodegradable paper-based materials that are readily available in many developing communities. This approach promotes accessibility to standing frames and improves the quality of life for individuals with mobility issues while reducing the environmental impact of traditional standing frame materials such as plastic and metal.


The objectives of the organization is: to produce mobility rehabilitation aids using paper technology for physically challenged children (e.g those with cerebral palsy or birth injuries). The mobility aids include: standing frames, chairs, wedges and walkers.

On average, APTERS produces around 500 mobility aids a year, using APT techniques, for children with Polio, cerebral palsy, and/or any other form of physical challenge. The equipment made by APTERS provides children who are physically challenged with low-cost intervention tools that are instrumental in their treatment and rehabilitation.


 Let’s make a change today!